morioka chuo High school

Online Exchange with students(2020)

Online Exchange with students from SMA Dwiwarna

SMA Dwiwarna, one of our sister schools in Indonesia has a Japan Club in which their students learn the Japanese language and culture. Due to the spread of the COVID-19 virus, the Japan Club has been organizing activities online and our students from Morioka Chuo High School had the opportunity to join these activities. Using video conferencing software, the students from our school and SMA Dwiwarna met three times: October, 19th, October 26th, and November 2nd).

The Japan Club at Dwiwarna has about 30 members. Sixteen students from Chuo High School had video conferences which started at 6 p.m.  Japan time. Each conference lasted for about 1 hour. Our students formed three different groups and each group gave a presentation about different topics: the four seasons in Japan, kanjiof Japan, and Japanese slang. Although the students were not familiar with video conferencing, they tried to be creative by including a quiz to deliver interesting presentations.

Every year, Morioka Chuo High School sends groups of students for on exchange to our sister schools overseas. However this year due to the spreading of the COVID-19, we had to cancel all exchange activities. In the midst of that, the school tries to find ways for our students to continue having international experiences that hopefully contribute to their growth.

The following is an account of the student who participated in the exchange with SMA Dwiwarna.

The 1st year female student in the SZ course The most memorable thing about this exchange was the atmosphere of the people who had a deep curiosity about the matters that they would like to explore. I enjoyed studying different cultures through our communication. The students from SMA Dwiwarna made an effort to communicate with us and shared what they like, what they are interested in, and what they wish to do. I felt that they were much more proactive than us. I also felt that they have something that I do not have. Through talking with the people in my generation who are living in a different country, I had an opportunity to think about myself and was inspired to participate in more international exchanges. I would like to find out things I can devote myself to just like the students from SMA Dwiwarna.