morioka chuo High school

Morioka Chuo School Festival

Every year, students at Morioka Chuo High School hold a school festival. This festival is held on the school grounds, in the gym, and in classrooms. In addition to Chuo students, various guests attend the festival: the students’parents, students from other schools, and community residents.

At the festival, students organize many activities. First, they make and sell foods such as takoyaki (deep-fried balls with octopus in the middle), yakisoba (stir-fried noodles), chocolate-dipped bananas, and ice cream. Second, they hold a tea ceremony for parents and guests. Third, there is a concert in the gym by students, who play different kinds of music. Fourth, there is a display of art created by students.

The Morioka Chuo School Festival is a lot of fun for the students, their families, the teachers at Chuo, and for all of the guests who attend it!