morioka chuo High school

Chuo International Education Forum

The 21st Chuo International Education Forum was held on Saturday the 31st of August 2019 at Morioka city’s cultural hall Malios. Approximately 1000 people including students and teachers from our sister schools in 15 different countries and regions and students and a teacher from Okinawa Shogaku Highschool.

The dance performance by the Morioka Chuo Sansa club opened the event which was followed by the speeches of Mr. Tatsuzawa, the chairman of Tatsuzawa Education Group, Principal Chiba of Morioka Chuo High School, and the Chairperson of the 21st Chuo International Forum. We then had a Keynote speech by the principal of Impington Village College, Mr. Ryab Kelsall read by the assistant principal, Mr. Simon Warburton titled “The social role of young teenagers for creating sustainable communities”. The keynote speech shared his rich insight about how the students can bring the changes to live in the sustainable societies. The speech made us think about how one ought to live in rapidly changing societies.

Our students together with the students from sister schools delivered presentation about three different topics: the aging society, the child poverty, and women’s social involvement. The students worked together to deliver interesting presentations to provoke our awareness to those issues

In the afternoon, we had a special ceremony for the 10th anniversary for establishing sister school relationships with College Sainte-Anne de Lachine from Canada and Jung Senior High School from Taiwan. It was followed by a lecture by Mr. Makoto Taniguchi who is the head of the Nitobe Leadership program, titled “The hope for the young people – have dreams and hopes”. His talk was to send the strong message and encouragement for the students to have dreams and hopes for life. After the lecture we enjoyed various dance performances, traditional art performances, school introductions and so on. At the end we all sang the Forum song together and every single of us immensely enjoyed participating in the forum.