morioka chuo High school

International exchanges with the sister schools 2019

Our visit to Le College Sainte-Anne de Lachine(Quebec, Canada)

November 24~December 4, 2019
Three student

A junior student’s comment
I visited Montreal in Quebec where I could learn differences in architecture, technology and ways of thinking between Japan and Canada. We stayed with the families of students who we hosted during the International Educational Forum in Morioka. I believe such an exchange program of host families is quite inspiring for high school students. I had a certain level of confidence in my English proficiency but being in an English speaking region and talking to native English speakers made me nervous and I could not speak grammatically correct English with proper vocabulary. Yet, my host family listened to me patiently and corrected my English mistakes. It was good for improving my English. As a result I felt that I could establish a very special relationship across the national borders to my host sister, Paddy. At Chuo High School we have lots of opportunities to host the foreign students and I would like to tell other students to take advantage of it.

Our visit to SMA Dwiwarna (Indonesia)

November 30~December 9, 2019
Three students

A Junior student’s comment
During this visit, my preconceived notions were destroyed. The school body of Dwiwara High School organized trips to go to the poor areas to distribute food, clothing, and textbooks for the children who cannot go to school. I was inspired by the fact that high school students who are the same age as me are doing something to improve this region and their country. The visit to Indonesia made me think of my own future. From this experience, I wish to become a bridge between Indonesia and Japan. I would like to be a person who can help improve their society. For that, I shall appreciate my comfortable environment, care for other people’s problems as if they were my own and make an initiative to solve the problems.

Our visit to St Joseph’s Institution (Singapore)

November 1~November 12, 2019
Three students

A junior student’s comment
I went to Singapore to visit our sister school there. Singapore is known for its remarkable economic development and one of the causes for that is its elitw education system. Having that in mind, I studied the differences in Singapore and Japanese education. To my surprise, education in Singapore is much more advanced than I have expected. The people in Singapore pay attention to education. The globalization in education is more advanced in Singapore than Japan as students are familiar with works by computer and educated in both English and their mother tongue. I also felt that I must learn more about the world after participating MUN. Currently I saw news about demonstrations in the foreign countries and Japan-Korea relationships. I shall pay more attention to such world events and will learn more about what is happening in the world. This visit motivated me to study. I have another year to prepare for the university entrance examination. I must maintain with high motivation for studying otherwise I will never reach the level academic achievement of the students in Singapore. Finally I would like to express my gratitude to all the people who made this trip possible. I will try my best for the next school year.