morioka chuo High school

Visits to Sister Schools 2017

Morioka Chuo High School Students Visit Cours Sainte-Marie de Hann

A group of 3 students from Morioka Chuo High School visited our sister school, Cours Sainte-Marie de Hann in Senegal, in December of 2017. Cours Sainte-Marie de Hann has a strong peace education program, and the students there were very happy to receive the 1,000 origami cranes which we made for them. Our students also visited Goree Island, a World Heritage Site which was used in the slave trade until 200 years ago. It was depressing to see the small, dark rooms in which dozens of slaves were forced to live. Visiting this place made us think again about the importance of human rights. This was a meaningful trip in which we experienced and learned many new things.

Morioka Chuo Students Visit Institut Sainte Ursule in Belgium

Four students and one teacher from Morioka Chuo High School visited our sister school, Institut Sainte Ursule in Belgium, in March of 2018. This was our first visit to this school, and we were able to meet with students and teachers who came to the forum last year. Our students did homestays and went to school during the week, and went to theatrical performances and parties on the weekend. They also had an opportunity to look around the city of Bruges, a World Heritage Site.